3D Printed Raspberry Pi Case

3D Printed Raspberry Pi Case

only $110.26
'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Anello Pendant, 18kt Gold Plate

'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Anello Pendant, 18kt Gold Plate

only $98.40
'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Anello Pendant, Sterling Silver

'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Anello Pendant, Sterling Silver

only $99.40
'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Aria Key Ring, Sterling Silver

'Create Your Own' 3D Printed Aria Key Ring, Sterling Silver

only $120.40
3D Printed Raspberry Pi information case, Green

3D Printed Raspberry Pi information case, Green

only $129.60

Cool 3D Printed Objects

printed 3D Floor Lamps

3D Printed Objects made possible.

Today's technological advancements have enhanced the meaning of the word printing. Until lately 'printing' implyed 2D printing - usually on paper. Recent breakthrough achievements in this field made it possible to have 3D printed items.

3D Printed design complexity is virtually unlimited and only restricted by our imagination. Whatever object can be computer drafted in 3D, can be also printed in real life.

Although the cost of these printouts has been restricting until now for the consumer market, developments have made it feasible to design and print objects for a wider market.

Jewelry with really outstanding designs not previously possible to be crafted either by hand or machine.

From the smallest items to the really gigantic 3D printed objects they are all fabulous.

Presently there is a variety of 3D printing techniques depending on the 3D printed objects. Basically, these are incorporating either plastic or metal although sometimes casting and molding with other materials is also used.

The resulting 3D printed designs are eye catching and unique. They are perfect for small presents as well as items for everyday home and office use.

What is truly astonishing is that before purchasing some of our designs, you can actually customize the design yourself. When finished, it will get printed and shipped to you exactly as you have visualized it! More on customizing your designs can be found in our Personalize and Print category.

Our team at printed3Ddesigngs.com is continuously collecting new designs and updating the 3D printed items catalog of our shop. Please feel free to visit our site periodically as you will find all the newest and fascinating 3D printed designs.

So, what else is hot on 3D Printed Items.

An all new on-line shop featuring 3D printed objects that you personalize to your liking.

Customization of those 3D printed designs is done on your computer screen. There is absolutely no knowledge or skill requirement for customizing and 3D printing these items.
The procedure is easy and entertaining. You select a product and you customize it through a menu where you can even view it in 3D.
After purchasing it, it is 3D printed by the company and shipped to you.

Fields of interest for the 3D printed designs are really numerous. They span from decorative items, 3D printed jewelery, toys, everyday gadgets and accessories, cell phones cases and even kitchenware items.

There is no limit in size for the 3D printed items. From small jewelery to really large decorative objects, they can all be printed with the appropriate 3D printer.

The 3D printed designs in this shop are ready drafted and they only need a customization before printing.
The finished products are eye-catching and unique.

The most impressive category of these designs is the decorative 3D printed items. Large 3D printed designs have provided new opportunities for decoration.
Designs are unusual and exceptional since the 3D printing technology is capable of producing objects with complexity not previously feasible with machine or hand crafting.

Depending on the design, 3D printed items are manufactured with various metal alloys or plastic.

We are confident that you will enjoy your visit to our site while browsing the best sellers that our team have selected.